David Murray, President

David has been a MPF Board Member since April of 2018. He lives in Portersville with his wife, Julia, and has two adult daughters, Kate and Lily.  David is a Civil Engineer that specializes in Environmental Management Projects. David actively enjoys the parks as an avid hiker, trail runner, and can also be found occasionally kayaking on Lake Arthur with his wife. David participates on the race committee of the Glacier Ridge Ultramarathon, which is a trail running race held annually in Moraine State Park and the Jennings Environmental Center.

Cassandra Dixon, Vice President

Cassandra was Director of Events & Corporate Giving at a local non-profit animal shelter. In the six years of her tenure she was responsible for managing the volunteer corps of 3,000 members and directly responsible for supporting the budget with donations from individuals, corporations and event attendees.  Cassandra’s "happy place" is, and has been Moraine for a very long time. When she was a child the family fishing boat in the "ready" position every summer, she has watched fireworks and regattas a plenty from the shore line. She shares “probably the best memory ever made at Moraine was just off of the shoal on August 29, 2008 when my husband proposed by telling me he couldn't wait to come to Moraine together year after year, just as the sun set”. My passion for the park and its offerings runs deep.

John Spirnak

President of ITG Networks, John is a seasoned leader and technology veteran with 30 years of business operations and sales experience.  As an avid outdoorsman and lifelong visitor to Moraine State Park, John is honored to be a board member and assist with providing Moraine Preservation Fund (MPF) services to the park and community.

John lives in Cranberry township with his wife and two sons.  He spends much of his leisure time fishing and teaching children to fish. Also, he volunteers as a captain on the Nautical Nature (37 passenger educational tour boat).

Keith W. Koebley, Treasurer

Keith has lived in Wexford, Pa. for 23 years with his wife, Christine, and has two adult children, Anna(Findish) and Nicholas. Keith is the Director of Operations for SSPC, The Society for Protective Coatings in Greentree, Pa. Prior to this position, Keith spent 22 years in the waste industry as both a General Manager and Regional Controller. Keith actively enjoys the park as an avid biker, fisherman, and for family outings. Keith is also an avid outdoorsman, enjoying hunting and many other conservation activities.


Mark Mann, Secretary

Mark Mann is a year-round  visitor to Moraine State Park, McConnells Mill State Park and the Jennings Environmental Educational Center. He is a hiker, a bicyclist, a kayaker and a sailor, and he also volunteers at the parks, He is a board member of the Moraine Sailing Club and a member of the Butler Chapter of the North Country Trail and the Butler Outdoor Club. He is a  former managing editor of the Butler Eagle. He and his wife, Ruth Purcell, live in Center Township, Butler County.

John Davis, Board Member


Michelle Huff, Board Member