Hilltop Trail - 1.1 or 3 miles, moderate hiking, green blazes
Access to this trail is adjacent to the entrance of Bear Run Boat Launch. You can hike this trail on a 1.1 mile short loop or a 3-mile long loop. Trail conditions range from flat grassy areas to steeper sections. The trail passes through different stages of forest regeneration, by bluebird boxes and the remains of a springhouse.

Sunken Garden Trail - 1.9 or 3 miles, moderate hiking, pink blazes
Access to the trail can be found by making the first right off of Pleasant Valley Road adjacent to Pleasant Valley Boat Launch. This trail will take you on either a 1.9-mile short loop or a 3-mile long loop. Both sections of trail are mowed and include moderate inclines. The longer section offers slightly more rugged terrain. The trail offers views of Lake Arthur from the short loop, white pine stands and a small pond on the long loop, and lake edge wetlands. This trail is a cross-country ski trail in the winter.

Five Points Trail - 1.5 miles, easy hiking, light green blazes This loop trail is near Lakeview Beach and the cabin colony. The trail meanders though forests and by a small pond.

Pleasant Valley Trail - 2.6 miles, easy hiking, yellow blazes
Access to this trail is directly across Pleasant Valley Road from the Pleasant Valley Picnic Area. This mowed trail offers an easy hike through the hills and valleys of the South Shore. The trail provides access to both the Windy Knob and Bear Run picnic areas, crosses the Hilltop Trail, and ends at the intersection with Sunken Garden Trail. Making a left on the Sunken Garden Trail will return you to the trailhead. The trail passes through wooded and open grassy areas and is a cross-country ski trail.

Wyggeston Trail - 1.5 to 4.5 miles, moderate to difficult hiking, orange blazes
The northern end of the trail can be accessed from Christley Road just west of PA 528 and the southern terminus from Old Route 422. This trail can be hiked either as a 1.5-mile loop, or a 3-mile or 4.5-mile trail that will not return you to your point of origin. This trail has rougher, rockier terrain and is a more challenging hike than the other trails on the South Shore. The extra effort is well worth it because the trail takes you into a remote, undeveloped section of the park and by an old house foundation, stone fences and a historic oil pump house.

Glacier Ridge Trail - 14 miles, difficult hiking, blue blazes
This trail winds through forests, crosses streams and offers scenic views of Lake Arthur. Designated as part of the North Country National Scenic Trail, this trail extends 14 miles from the western end of Moraine State Park to Jennings Environmental Education Center. The trail can be accessed at many points, such as PA 528, Mount Union Road (TR 10050), Bike Rental Building and McDanel’s Launch Area. The Link Road Overnight Shelter is available to backpacking on a first-come, firstserved basis. Contact the park office for backpacking information.

North Country Trail
The whole North Country Trail - 4600 miles stretched across seven states is a footpath linking communities from New York to North Dakota. While only a few have taken on the whole trail in one shot, thousands find their way onto a section of the NCT each year. Spring, summer, fall or winter, the vast geographic expanse the trail follows offers something for everyone year-round. Whether it’s winter camping and snowshoeing, long-distance trail running or a quiet weekend with the grandkids, you can find what you’re looking for on the North Country Trail.

Mountain Bike Trail

There is a six-mile loop trail for mountain bikes on the North Shore. Trailheads are located off of Mt. Union Road and Alexander Ridge Road. Caution! - The six-mile trail bike trail can be hazardous. - Some slopes are steep and there are rough surfaces and slippery areas. - The trail is for experienced off-road riders in good physical condition who have equipment for off-road riding. - Bikers ride bike trails at their own risk.

Other Trails

BIKE TRAIL - See Bike Trail & Rentals

The Hidden River Canoe Trail was established during the spring of 2000 by members of The Western Pennsylvania Paddlesport Association in cooperation with Moriane State Park volunteers. The result is a system that winds through scenic coves, wetlands and a spectacular hidden stream. Information is available at The Owlet Gift Shop.

There are about 20 miles of equestrian trails in the park. Riding is limited to designated trails and roadsides throughout the park. You can download trail maps here:

McCall Equestrian Trail Map
Porters Cove Equestrian Trail Map
Swamp Run Equestrian Trail Map

An auto route retraces the approximate path of George Washington’s trip of 1753- 1754 from Virginia to Fort LeBoeuf (present day Waterford, Pa). This trip marked the beginning of the French and Indian War. The route is marked by signs and follows routes PA 422 and PA 528 which pass through the park.