Donate your old car...or better yet your BOAT! No, we are not looking for a new form of transportation, but you can help raise funds for MPF by donating a car, boat, RV, motorcycle and more(got an old plane laying around?) to MPF! We have partnered with Cars for Charity to help collect your donation and process it to be turned into cash for Moraine Preservation Fund. Learn how by calling 1.888.755.5435 or visiting

Your donation need not be in running condition to be donated. Be sure to list Moraine Preservation Fund as the benefitting charity!

Are you already using Amazon to shop online? Jump on over to Amazon Smile and support Moraine Preservation Fund with each purchase! When you use Amazon Smile 0.5% of the price of items purchased comes directly to MPF! Use the link below to immediately begin shopping or go to and register MPF as your participating charity to always be sure to support us!



Looking for a sweet way to help MPF? Sarris Candies are known for not only its superior rich taste, but adherence to high quality standards and exceptional customer service for over 50 years. Sarris has been supporting organizations like MPF for many years all over Western PA. This year we are excited to add an option for followers of MPF to order and ship candy for the Holiday Season with a portion of the proceeds(25%) coming directly to Moraine Preservation Fund. When you shop be sure to use our unique code: 10-3434

Log onto to get your order going!